Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long time no see

I am really bad at this updating business, aren't I? That, and uploading photos of stuff. I have who knows how many photos on my camera right now, just haven't gotten around to transferring them to the computer. :(

I just finished summer finals day before yesterday, and man was finals week terrible in terms of gaining pudge. I haven't gained too much weight, but fat weighs less than muscle, and I have a lot of fat. And since there's a 24 Hour .5 mile away from my apartment, I think that I might start exercising regularly and going on a diet. Or at least, that's the plan. I'm back in the south bay at the moment, still in the midst of my post-final-wasting-life phase, but I plan to go back to my Turbo-Kick routine (4 days a week), though I will have to miss Monday because I'm going to Santa Cruz then.

Just basically wanted to put down my plans into words so I can't give myself the excuse of "Oh I forgot that I was going to do such-and-such". Hopefully through this, I will get rid of the fat and gain some muscle.

Starting Data:
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 130 lb

Goal State:
Weight: 120lb

Main targets: butt, triceps, tummy

*This upcoming week won't follow this because I'm not at Cal; this is for when I'm at Cal.

Monday: 10am - cardio (elliptical), then 20-min pilates workout
Tuesday: 4pm - cardio (elliptical), then 20-min pilates workout
Wednesday: break from cardio, 20-min pilates workout wherever I can squeeze it in
Thursday: 10am - cardio (elliptical), 6pm PiYo @ 24 Hour
Friday: break from cardio, 20-min pilates workout wherever I can squeeze it in
Saturday: 11am - cardio (elliptical), then 20-min pilates workout
Sunday: 11am - cardio (elliptical), then 20-min pilates workout

I think this may be a tad overly ambitious, but we'll see.

i would like to have a diet plan, but I fear that may be asking too much of myself. I really really love my starches. :( Nonetheless, I'll try to cut back on the snacks (I'll probably bring my many cartons of gum and bulldoze through those) and limit myself to starches for lunch/breakfast only.

If anyone reading this has tips on loosing weight and such, please let me know. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Time

Sure doesn't feel like it. I'm at Cal taking summer classes and the proximity to the bay = SO MUCH FOG/WIND/COLD.

Anyway, I haven't been doing much lately. Played a bit with my new straightener, and found that at my hair's current length, curls look ridiculous on me cause they're very close to my face. Also, curls with dark black hair don't look particularly nice. Luckily I picked up a box of Palty Honey Brown hair dye when it was on sale at 99 Ranch. Will probably attempt dying hair sometime in the future.

I have been trying to learn how to french braid. Not going too well, that. My hands are just not nimble enough. I keep getting strands from the sections mixed up. :(

Skincare-wise, I have been trying ever so hard to use up my NuSkin products that my mom got me. They're nothing spectacular, but they don't make me break out or anything. I figure I should use them up before I get more.

Have also been trying out Burts Bees Radiance Eye Creme. It is so moisturizing and the smell is amazing~ I originally had wanted to return it when I first bought it cause it was $18. I had thought it too expensive for a drugstore product that tiny (0.50 oz). But now I am in love~

I also picked up Bio Oil recently and have been trying it out. I don't really see much fading of my acne scars and hyperpigmentation, but my skin does feel really smooth and silky afterwards. I'll keep on trying it out and see.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I apparently forgot about this. Ahahaha ahem.

Well in the time that I was gone, I bought:
  • Milani lipstick in Sugar Rim and Orange-Gina
  • Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in Plaza Pink and Coral Crush
  • White Citrus Triple Moisture Shower Cream
  • White Citrus Body Scrub
  • Midnight Pomegranate and White Citrus Triple Moisture Body Cream
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sea Island Cotton Skin Smoothing Gelee
  • Aussie Moist Shampoo
The smell of the Milani lipsticks are what I would expect lipsticks/cosmetics to smell like when I was in elementary school. It's just very... makeup-y. The ones I picked up are super shimmery (Orange-Gina, coral with pink leanings, gold shimmer), and glittery (Sugar Rim, light pink). The Sugar Rim one feels kind of gritty, probably cause of all the glitter, so I am not a big fan.

I already have two Maybelline Colorsensational lipsticks, and the play-doh smell doesn't bother me, so I picked up two more since they were on BOGO 50% off. Plaza Pink is a mauve-y color, and Coral Crush is a lovely bright coral-y red. I quite like Coral Crush, but think it would look better when I am not as tan.

Turns out that of the Bath and Body Works original scents, White Citrus is my HG. I also found that sweet smells, like Midnight Pomegranate, don't do much for me. Luckily I bought everything at their Semi-Annual sale for cheap.

I have not yet used the Aussie Shampoo, but I picked up it cause I read good reviews on makeupalley, and my Head and Shoulders was running out.

Also, last week I went and got an eyebrow wax, upper lip wax, and half leg wax. It was my first time ever getting a wax (I normally shave), and it was pretty nice, minus the eyebrow wax. The place I went to made it too thin for my liking (my eyebrow hairs aren't very dark or dense, and thin eyebrows make my eyes look even smaller).

I made 3 orders online in the past 3 days as well, transdesign for OPI polishes, WetSeal for this SUPER adorable jacket that was on clearance, plus 2 pairs of shorts. I seriously do not own any shorts, and they were on sale as well. And last night/this morning, I took advantage of folica's free mini Sedu flat iron with any order of $85+, and bought a 2 oz Chi Silk Infusion (I tried the sample size and it's amazing), and a 1 inch Solia straightener. I am super excited for these to come. I can finally do curls and waves and such!

However I am dumb and shipped the Wet Seal order to the right street address in the wrong city, but with the right zip code. However, UPS is apparently shipping it to the city so I'm not sure how to fix this. I'll call them up on Monday and panic then.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to lately. Be safe, ya'll!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Someone stop me D:

So yesterday I went with friends to Santana Row/ Valley Fair, and I picked up a shirt + some jewelry from Forever 21. They have the cutest long necklaces ever omg. And then TODAY I went with one friend to the flea market and I spent $80. At a flea market. Someone stop me! D:

Anyway, on to the pictures. (By the way, the camera I'm using likes to watermark the date on the pictures, but the dates are incidentally all wrong. So ignore the random yellow in the corner. Also, I took these pictures as the sun was setting, so everything looks kind of blue, haha. Also ALSO, no pic of the shirt from F21 as there wasn't enough light for it to show up nicely.)

An ADORABLE turtle ring from Forever 21.

Followed by an anchor necklace and a turtle necklace. See a theme here?

Then, from the flea market...

Someone needs to drag me away from sea/ocean things D:

I also picked up some cheap made in China bags. I don't use bags too much so hopefully they won't fall apart too quickly, haha.

I super super dig the first one. The hearts are so adorable! The huge white one is for when I feel like dressing up randomly (happens once in a while) and I have no bag big enough for all my school stuff and then I wind up going out looking nice but with like my backpack-that-looks-like-it-is-for-going-hiking. The last picture is just for a size comparison.

Ok so the pictures in the first row got slightly corrupted or something but it's ok cause the important part is still visible. 'A'd And excuse the dead-face expression. I cannot selca for my life.

That's all I bought, but I also took a couple pics of what I was wearing, jewelry-wise, today:

Some bangles with an antique/vintage flair I got at Claires last summer.

A long charm necklace, super cute. Actually my friend's, but I borrowed it for the day. I am super proud of convincing her to buy it! She rarely spends money on girly things, haha.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey all

This is a blog to both double as a way for me to practice coding CSS (lol how nerdy) and to talk about beauty/fashion/diet/appearances/shopping, all things girly. :)

Right now, the major thing to tackle is my freshman 10. I need to get ride of all this pudge! And writing to-do list type things helps me get things done, so that's what the next post will be, since it might take me a while to plan everything out. I love to plan things. ♥

Oh, and I totally forgot to introduce myself! Hey all (most likely none lol), I am an incoming sophomore at UC Berkeley, with a really technical major (read: assrape). But it's a lot of fun, even as I am very average, haha. Hobbies are shopping (of course), art (mostly digital painting hurhur), reading (no time for that no more D:), gaming (RPGs, ones that take no skill. I am actually pretty bad at gaming but I enjoy it nonetheless), and Kpop (Dude checking omona takes enough time for it to be a hobby ok).

So yeah I think that's it. :)